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Portable and easy to use device, with real time telemonitoring.

The Scenario

  • Current healthcare systems are discriminatory.

  • Fewer than 10% of the population receive timely respiration support, which is critical in patients with viral diseases, traumatic injuries, respiration disorders, and sleep apnea cases.

  • Traditional ventilation systems sell in the $30-40K range, need ample training time and expertise.

product - Portable Ventilation System

  • A 2 kg water bottle-sized portable ventilation device.

  • Smart algorithms that generate patient recovery reports and uses patient data to learn better treatment.

  • Compatible with the oxygen supply of all hospitals, can be used with the same ease at home.


  • Hospitals, clinics, emergency rooms, ambulances.

  • Home care for discharged/recovering patients.

  • Sleep apnea patients and sleep care for predictive analysis of disorders.


Oxvi’s lightweight design allows patients to be treated beyond the bounds of a hospital, even in remote destinations. Simultaneously it fits compactly in a crowded healthcare environment.


Powered with an efficient cooling mechanism, the device can be operated for long duration ensuring mobility in its most practical sense.


Accessing patients' vitals is hassle-free with Oxvi app which enables 24/7 real time monitoring and timely patient performance reports. This empowers healthcare workers, prevents fatigue by helping them keep track of patients remotely and alerting them timely.


OXVI’s easy to operate interface minimises training time. Knobs allow for intuitive control with a wide functionality of mode selection for every possible situation and a 3 inch touchscreen display supports live waveform display for easy readability.

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